Mission Statement

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Every stone deserves a place to be. Especially when someone has gone out of their way to make it so, then, in doing so, later decides that something went wrong and the stone gets tossed to the side. Perhaps it wasn’t a stone at all, but someone thought it was, therefore it got cast out. Perhaps it is a piece of metal, borne of the scrap of 'ill refuse.'

Our mission is to show that each and every stone, no matter how mangled it is, no matter what it has seen in its better days, it shall have a place in our world, a place to show it’s own beauty before it returns to the big furnaces below where it will be melted, reformed, and remade into something new in the future; long after we are gone. After all, aren't we all living on borrowed time?

Just because it has been cast aside here, over and over, by hands searching for the perfect specimen; just because it has now become one of the “unchosen,” we have made a place for it in our world; because like stone, we, as people also have our own misfits and unchosen, and we are all here together in this world. There is truly a place for all.

It’s amazing when one thinks about it; the thing is: we have been led to believe that we are all perfect in our own way. The reality is that there are only a few absolutely perfect things in this world, and the rest of us?

Welcome to the MiSFiTS.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome to the MiSFiTS - on Etsy

"My Valentine, My Valentine"
Beautiful Kambaba Jasper wirewrapped in copper in a Barbed Wire motif with an inverted heart, in double wires, one natural and one in green. This long necklace has been created in a rosary fashion with both sides joining above the pendant, with a single strand connecting the pendant to the "beefy"necklace chain. After the necklace was wire wrapped together, the green wire was then lightly burnished exposing the natural copper beneath the surface. Left image: handmade connectors illustrating the mini kambaba jasper stones with forged and burnished artwork and wire wrapping. Center image: the full necklace showing the actual length. Right image: the handmade and lashed clasp which has been added in an asymmetrical fashion, riding on the right side of the neck. A one-of-a-kind necklace, this MiSFiT will please you over and over again, when you wear it out day or night.

"Red, The Rectangle"
This pretty little orphaned red agate laid on my coffee table for month. with virtually no place to go, but I loved it so, the picture on it is quite beautiful, but it just wasn't large enough to be seen. It disappeared and then showed up in my kitchen only to vanish once again and finally show up on my dresser. It travels on its own so I decided it needed a necklace to cameo it . Forged copper with a curl, this necklace now hangs high on the neck where it can receive the glory it deserves!

"Little Sweet Greens"
Little Sweet Greens is a orphaned celery green lace agate with camel brown and creamy white markings. Copper curls above and below decorate this cute stone which rides on a coppery 18" snake chain.

Dollop, an odd little stone (actually we call it a mystery stone since no one really knows its makeup or origin) is a true MiSFiT for all intents and purposes. Someone drilled this pretty little dark green jasper stone in an off axis line and the result was that it never laid straight. The direction of the drill is at right angles to the shape of the stone, and even though it was tumbled and has a good polish, the shape did not allow for it to be shown properly, which is more than likely why it was discarded. Well, discarding it just won't do, so I wrapped it in copper and made a setting that forces the stone to lay the direction I want and I even put a swirl on the front to help show it off, then added a ball and bar coppery chain, for an accent;.

"18's All Around"

 I love bamboo jasper! This pretty bamboo jasper was an orphaned stone that I received as a gift in a package of supplies that I purchased. It has a nice Square pilow cut and, but it looks just like every other piece of bamboo jasper so I decided to spice it up by wrapping it like a present, in black wire, and then I added a squiggle to the surface. After that I burnished the squiggle to show the warm copper shade shining through, and added it on an ball and bar chain. This necklace get's its name because the bamboo jasper stone bead is 18x18mm, and it rides on an 18" chain, making it 18's all around!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MiSFiTs - "She"

Labradorite, carved into a heart.

~She's carefully protected~

And resting quietly...until her day arrives.


One day,
as she knew it,
suddenly changed

she lives as an invisible;
No voice from which to be heard anymore.

Yet in my head,
I can still hear her singing.
She is lucky,
for she's
in blue;
though still she weeps.

Now broken.

A pearl shines
where a child's heart
once beat.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Ohhh Boy...we have newbies coming!

We have 2 new members about to arrive at MisFits. This is all I will divulge at this time.

But be sufficed to know that your wait will be worth it.

I have been made fully aware of the alter-ability that I will be presented with; and

I can already see the finished product in my mind's eye.

My job will be: making it happen.

That's all. The art and creativity will come through my hands when it is needed.

Should be fine.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Move over Sneaky Little Devils, Here Comes Squirrely Girlie!!!!

We proudly welcome a new member to the MisFit family!

She slips in unannounced, but not quietly. So here she is, for your entertainment:
Squirrely Girlie

I am a squirrely girlie
I am twisty turnie
Bendy whirlie...
I am over and under
and I love rain and thunder.
I am weathered and tethered
and never unfettered.
I am right where I
Am supposed to be
A set of gems, for you...
A gift from me.

After hand knotting a beautiful beaded necklace of these pretty faceted carnelian gems, each separated by 14k gold filled spacers, I was left with a small handfull of these sweeties.

What to do...what to do....

They were too pretty to toss (like I ever toss anything), and being the sole reason for this blog and my MisFit shop in the first place, I just had to use them. So I got out my spool of Sterling Silver wire, my pliers and accoutrements, and I started to play.....

Out of the depths of the spool she came: Squirrely Girlie was born.

See her listed at MisFits....now (psst, she sits right next the the other newcomer: Sneaky Little Devils)
This has been a MisFit production brought to you courtesy of Etsy MisFits
carol britt clay

Friday, September 18, 2009

Please Welcome a new member to the "MisFits"

No one ever said that that these sweeties don’t “get around.”
They get around all right.

Round and round and round.

They are restless little sweethearts.

They are tricksters too,
They actually think they’re Cheerios, but they’re not, so don’t milk them.

They just want to be restless, and they won’t take NO for an answer.
They want boundaries placed, like a runaway rebellious child.
If you leave your gate open they will search for new boundaries, and as life is, there is always someone out there in the wings, waiting to be fooled into thinking that they really are Cheerios.
Don’t be fooled. And don’t leave your gate open. They will run.

Sneaky Little Devils.

Place your boundaries early and they will respect and treat you well.
They do have the ability to escape if one is not careful about closing the gate behind them.

Little copper matte silkies* were added as a brake, but they wouldn’t listen and are constantly trying to jump the gate.
Lucky for me, it’s an inner gate so that when they jump, they jump into their own yard! Ha! Just don’t leave the gate open.

Sneaky Little Devils
Copper hoops hammered from raw copper (18g, in other words sturdy) and shaped into hoop earrings with little ceramic donuts (they’re not real donuts) ~8 x 5mm, in varying earthtone shades.

Please join me in a hearty welcome to Sneaky Little Devils as she joins the MisFits family

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome our new addition: Headless In The Saddle

She's here at last. And her name? Well, it just came to me, so I used it as I often do when those first words come to mind. This is another of those names or groups of words, which I may never know the origin of, however, sometimes they prove to be quite profound and fitting in the end.

This necklace is made from yellow turquoise* tube beads that I collected several years ago, to go with another piece of my yellow turquoise*, but as usually happens, the shades were not cohesive, so I held on to the tube beads and then one day, there it was, a gorgeous piece of yellow turquoise* that appeared, mixed with its white matrix and actually stunning in its cut, a vertical freeform cut that appeared like a jib sail in full run. Then, while I was working with it, I accidently snapped off the top of the stone (a first for me) and with a crushed heart, I almost discarded the stone. Problem was, I had fallen for it, as I have with many of my precious "signature stones" that I have collected over the years. So discarding it was not an easy option for me to deal with. Looking at it lying there, I wondered "what can I do with this now?" Then it came to me: Lash it, yes! LASH IT! After spending many years is the Girl Scouts as a young person, I had learned how to lash many things, like tables, and chairs, you know simple everyday objects that would definitely get me voted off of "Survivor" for the mere fact that I can actually survive, if it were a real thing...which means death to a participant, on the TV show.

I lashed this stone horizontally, where I could get a grip on the stone, then added my collected tube beads (which, by the way, would have had to wait until I could find another perfect piece of yellow turquoise*, in the correct shade, which does not happen very often). I used my special waxed polycord (I have 2 sizes, and it took some real searching to find this cordage, like one place in the US, so far), and I lashed this stone into a necklace. The tube beads (I love tube beads) knotted, then looped back through and knotted at the other end, so they are now suspended, floating, and stable, since the tube beads have rather large holes, and there is nothing worse than knotting a piece of jewelry with matching stones, only to find some have larger holes and the knots then slip through, which is thoroughly unfitting in my view. Since I refuse to 'shim' just one stone in a matching bead necklace, and may not like the appearance of every stone being shimmed (the alternative to one shimmed stone); I decided to do the knotted looped method for stability.

That being said, This is the new necklace. A MisFit, in the very fitting piece for this venue.

I hope you like her. I certainly do.
*there really is no such stone named yellow turquoise, it cannot be yellow; and must have some form of blue in it to techincally be turquoise, so this might be howlite, though it doesn't look like howlite either. At Etsy, I have been calling it the bastard stone...bastard turquoise, since turquoise seems to be the name applied to any colored stone with veins these days.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Just For Fun - I've been tagged - 8 random things

MisFit's "Drama Queen"
I have been tagged by Wires 'n Pliers with 8 Random Things about myself:

1. I am excited about working on my most recent MisFit, the headless one, and as soon as I am done here, I plan to do that.

2. I live in a family of alter abled individuals that laugh alot.

3. I love coming home from work each day.

4. I have a very creative imagination and because of it, I need to have my notebook nearby for my ideas that come to me.

5. I enjoy hot fudge sundaes.

6. I completely agree that we are all part of the sum that make a whole, we are all alterabled, some show it on the outside, some carry it on the inside, but none of us are perfect.

7. I don't care for SuperBowl Sunday, and I will hide from it, plus get a lot of work
done during it, but I will sneak in for the chips and dip and stuff to eat.

8. I have been known to get out of bed in the middle of the night in order to bid and win on
an ebay auction.